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Our Mission

Haussmann Financial has been in business since 1990. We employ nine investment professionals plus the extensive resources of Securities America, Inc., an independent broker/dealer with over 1,800 registered representatives nationwide. We have invested over over $950 million of client assets. We’ve accomplished this by strictly adhering to our core values and principles.

Our Job as a Professional Investment Management Consultant is to Strive to Help Clients Achieve Their Financial Goals by Developing a Long-Term Plan and Sticking to It.

Our business, in focus, form and practice, is defined by our core values. All of our clients deserve respectful and professional service. Clients can expect to receive, and will receive, the consideration demanded by our principles and core values.


We strive to avoid any and all conflicts of interest by:

  • Putting our clients’ best interests first.
  • Maintaining complete confidentiality
  • Employing an asset-based pricing structure, putting our goals in common.


At the end of the day, our competence helps to determine our clients' success. It is also what differentiates us from our competition. We will maintain our edge by:

  • Hiring the best and brightest people.
  • Investing heavily in professional training and development.
  • Utilizing the most sophisticated and
    advanced tools available in the industry.
  • Exercising prudent judgement.
  • Emphasizing quality in the construction and ongoing review of all portfolios. 
  • Proactively managing portfolio risks.
  • Keeping our clients informed at all times.


Our clients expect and deserve exceptional service at all times. We will deliver by anticipating the needs of our clients, caring about them personally and exceeding their expectations.


Our clients should expect to receive more for their money from us than they can get anywhere else. We will deliver exceptional value by:

  • Providing our clients with what we believe is superior advice and service at a fair fee.
  • Drawing on the professional experience and expertise of other professional advisors (e.g. accounting, legal).

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