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Achieving financial goals results from developing a long-term plan and sticking to it. Our job as an investment advisor is to help our clients work toward their goals. We accomplish this through a disciplined process which is made up of three distinct and important phases: Strategy, Implementation and Monitoring.

Phase 1: Long-Term Strategy

The primary objective of Phase 1 is to develop a long-term investment strategy for the client. This phase begins with a personal Financial Planning Meeting where we get to know the client, learn what their needs are, and determine what they want their investment capital to do for them.

Phase 2: Implementation

The primary obiective of Phase 2 is to implement the client's investment strategy. The first step is to clearlv define the client's investment goals, objectives and risk tolerance. We then work to identify investment strategies that will be used to help the client work toward them.

Phase 3: Ongoing Monitoring

This is a constant, ongoing process to ensure that every action made in client's accounts is consistent with their investment objective and risk tolerance as identified in Phase 2 of our process.

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